Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Testing my Photoshop Skills

This picture is obviously photoshopped (either that or she's holding a piece of plutonium). Kenzie was out catching fireflies the other night, and I thought it would be neat to take a shot of her looking into her hands like she's actually caught something, and the glow is illuminating her face, so I had her pose. It's also very daylight in the photo, so I had to do a lot to darken it.

I never intended the shot to look real, but instead wanted it to have more of a fantasy quality about it.


Mark Hamilton said...

Wow, Jerry, it's actually a stunning shot. I wouldn't have guessed photoshopped, I would have thought a strobe along the order of a DIY setup that was hand held by her. Great job.

Anna said...

I thought it was plutonium! Hehehe. Great shot...looks like she is seeing into the future or something!

Jerry Pennington said...

That's a good idea, putting a strobe in her hands and gelling it. Never thought of that. It would be more "real."