Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Birthday Cake

My wife is a multi-talented person. Healthcare professional by day, she cranks out some amazing cakes for our kids' birthdays. And my daughter always pushes her limits by asking for an off-the-wall birthday party theme. Like this year for instance, she wanted a Spiderwick Chronicles birthday based on the Nickelodeon film that came out in February.

Here's the result. It's a three-tiered cake based on the house in the movie. The bottom layer is stacks of Rice Krispie treats covered in icing and fondant. The middle layer is a peanut butter cake, and the top layer chocolate cake.

The big round window is made of rolled fondant that was painted with food coloring, as is the jars that spell out Kenzie.

The book is made of sheets of brownies covered in icing and then fondant, and the pages are edible rice paper that were traced with food coloring markers.

The figures are McDonald's toys.

This is one of her coolest cakes yet. She's actually getting ready to start a cake blog with all of her creations. For some reason, when I set up the blog, but didn't put any activity on it for a couple of days, Google flagged it as a possible spam blog and locked it until I e-mailed them and told them it wasn't. The case is under review and it should be going in up to four business days. Go figure.

I'll post a link when we get that one going.

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Gina said...

Wow what an amazing cake! You are very clever..I'll have to show my girls this! :)