Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Long Road Home

It was one of those evenings I thought I'd never make it home. After an already hectic evening of picking up Reece from school, taking him to get his haircut, going to pick up Kenzie from swim practice, taking them to woof down some dinner somewhere quickly before heading to Reece's football practice, it was finally time for the commute from Ashland to Grayson. The only problem...I had to stop for gas, which doesn't seem like a big deal.

First try was at the Cannonsburg BP. I didn't want to pay at the pump, because I wanted to let Reece get something to drink from inside and didn't want to have to use the credit card twice. So, I hit the pay inside button and stand there waiting for the pump authorization .... and waited, and waited. Then looked at the store to realize the fat kid working there was standing out front smoking and talking to his friends...no one inside the store at all to authorize the pump. Instead of doing the rational thing and asking him, I decided to take my business next door.

Actually able to get gas there, and went inside to let Reece get a drink. Then had to stand in line behind the lady one-by-one checking her scratch off tickets to see if any of them were winners. After about a dozen or so tickets, she had $9 in credit, and proceeded to pour over the selection to redeem her "winnings."

It was then I followed the car with the crooked license plate along the two-lane US 60 for the last 15 miles putting along at around 40 mph the entire way. Got home just in time to spill a cup of spoiled chocolate milk that had been in the van from this morning (on a 90-some degree day) all over the back seat.

Long story short, what should be a 30-minute trip home took close to an hour. I'm glad to be home, but we've got to move.

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