Monday, April 07, 2008

Project Yellow- Part 1

Here's the first of my project yellow photos. It's a neat idea for a project, to focus on a specific color, because it actually makes you look around more for objects you may not have thought about photographing before.

This all got started from this blog.


Anna said...

This is a beautiful shot! I have three favorites that I have seen and this one is a part of those!

The sky looks so crisp up there! Do you happen to have a picture of you taking this? I want that one!

Jerry Pennington said...

Thanks. I don't have a setup shot, but there's not much to see. I used my little Fuji FinePix F10 for this one, and simply put the camera on the ground and pointed it up, then kept checking my viewfinder after I snapped until I saw something I liked.

I did a few with a diffuser on the flowers, but it made the exposure difference between the flowers and the sky too great, so I stuck with direct sunlight to light the flowers.

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

This doesn't look real...much to perfect for that ;).

Moi said...

oh beautiful. love your photography.