Monday, October 08, 2007

Painting with Light

Here's something cool to try ... painting with light. You basically take a flashlight or some other type of small light into a dark room, set your camera on a tripod (or in the case of this photo, a dresser), then leave the shutter open for an extended period of time while moving the light. You may have to tinker with the settings a little (film speed or f-stop) but the long exposure will leave a trail of light wherever you move it.

In this photo, the shutter is open for 10 seconds, and I tried to make a poor attempt to "write" my daughter's name (Kenzie). Actually trying to get something legible is a little more difficult, because you have to write backwards, right to left because the camera is seeing it from the other side.

Sprint has a series of commericals that use this effect, and there's a neat video on YouTube showing how it was done. You can find it here.

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