Tuesday, March 21, 2006

House full of chicks

We try to buy our daughter nice stuff, and I know we usually buy too much. But, like nearly all kids, she seems to have the most fun with some of the cheapest stuff out there. Such is the case with her Easter chicks that came in yesterday. She saw these things in an Oriental Trading catalog a while back, and has been bugging us to order them since. We caved (after all, they were just a few bucks) and when they arrived yesterday, you'd think we had given her a real pony or something. I've never seen her get so excited over a bunch of little toys that look like they were made out of pipe cleaner and a couple pieces of cardboard. Anyhow, since we had so many new chicks, we had to line all of them up for a photo op, and then let them party it up in the Fisher-Price beach house. I don't think our daughter was this excited on Christmas morning.


manababies said...

LOL This would be something I'd end up ordering for my daughter too. But I'm not very good about keeping track of so many little things, so I know that in due time I'd start finding them everywhere - in my shoes, in the clothes dryer, etc.

(found your blog through Rick Lee's blog... nice photos!)

Jerry Pennington said...


So far, she's kept up with them, but it's only a matter of time before they're everywhere.