Thursday, January 19, 2006

Photo of the Day

A while back, my six-year-old daughter and I went out on a picture taking trip. She uses my wife's little Kodak EasyShare camera, and I think she came away with the photo of the day. She snapped this of a river with some fall leaves that is reflecting the sky and part of a bridge above. The only thing I did to this photo was to bump the color saturation up a little. She composed and shot it herself. Anytime she gets a hold of the camera, she can fill up a memory card in a matter of minutes ... mostly with photos of the television, which I think is her favorite subject. Anyhow, I was just going through some of the shots she had taken yesterday and came across this one that I somehow missed the first time around. I think it's a pretty nice shot.

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Stacey said...

Thats a great shot! She did wonderful! My kids love to take pictures too. I need to get them a cheap camera that I trust them with.